What Clients Say

"Elaine has been a godsend for our business. Any time we've needed to get something done quickly and perfectly, she has stepped up to the plate and knocked it outta the park. She's batting a thousand with us!  And if her professionalism isn't enough, she's incredibly friendly and easy to work with. We're glad she's part of our team."

Henry Weck
Brownsville Station, Inc.


"Elaine is a wonder and a treasure! The art she has done for Heartsong Church is vibrant, compelling, and original, and is a specific fit for our culture. Elaine brings wit and whimsy to bear in such a way as to “draw” the viewer in to inhabit the world of her art. She masterfully communicates joy and wonder through image and color creating windows in which to see the world anew."

Steve Stone
Senior Pastor
Heartsong Church
"The Flock That Rocks"


"The creativity and artistic skill that Elaine possesses is amazing. Heartsong's Children's Ministry areas is a testament to her skill and were thankful to benefit from her gifts."

Stephanie Behymer
Director of Children's Ministry
Heartsong Church